This is a work-in-progress, and will be for some time.  Here's a list of biographies we hope to add to the site over the next several months.  The entries with links are currently completed.

George Atwood
Leon Atwood
Garrold O. Barnett (1878-1965)

John Brown (1817-1899)
Ebenezer Carter

Caddie Cook (?-1966)
Roy Cook (1872-1918)

Andrew N. Dike (1870-1943)
Dan Dolen (1869-1950)
Franklin Pierce Dunlap (1853-
John Dunlap (c1812-1879?)

Isaac Ford (1862-1959)
Frank & Maude Fox
Chester Harris
Margaret Hudson
Jesse Jackson (1886-?)

Charles E. Katzung
John H. Logie ( -1930)
Antonio Lugo

Jose Del Carmen Lugo (1813-?)
Jose Maria Lugo (1802-
Vicente Lugo (1822-
Mabel (Coey) Mathews

Louis B. Mousley (1904-1981)
Enoch K. Parrish (1835-1904)
Florence Schoneman
Jose Diego Sepulveda (1821-1869)
Yetta Stromberg (c1910-?)
James W. Waters (1813-1889)

Joseph E. Wilshire (1858-?)
Thomas Wilson