Current Projects

Web Site Renovation You are experiencing the result of the recent renovation, which includes several new features.  Some of these are still being prepared, and will be added soon.  
Dunlap Historical Markers The City of Yucaipa will consider installing a number of historical markers in the Dunlap area in conjunction with the building of sidewalks and curbs. The Yucaipa Valley Historical Society is documenting and selecting the locations to be considered.  
Yucaipa History in Video Almost all of the presentations at the society were recorded, both on tape and digital media.  This project aims to preserve this material on DVDs.  
Museum Property Landscaping Using native plants and re-introduction of local fauna  
Photograph Scanning Ken Dowell continues the never-ending process of scanning photographs and other historical records for our collection.  Some can be seen in the Historical Photos section of the web site.
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